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Animeextreme by DrakeDNAngel Animeextreme :icondrakednangel:DrakeDNAngel 3 0 Kari Wahlgren fan art by DrakeDNAngel Kari Wahlgren fan art :icondrakednangel:DrakeDNAngel 1 0 MushroomKingdomHeartsLOGO by DrakeDNAngel MushroomKingdomHeartsLOGO :icondrakednangel:DrakeDNAngel 4 3 MushroomKingdomHeartsLOGO by DrakeDNAngel MushroomKingdomHeartsLOGO :icondrakednangel:DrakeDNAngel 2 6 Drake Dn angel line test by DrakeDNAngel Drake Dn angel line test :icondrakednangel:DrakeDNAngel 0 0 Mushroom kingdom hearts teaser poster by DrakeDNAngel Mushroom kingdom hearts teaser poster :icondrakednangel:DrakeDNAngel 0 0 Mushroom Kingdom Heartts screen shot 3 by DrakeDNAngel Mushroom Kingdom Heartts screen shot 3 :icondrakednangel:DrakeDNAngel 1 3 Mushroom Kingdom Hearts Screen shot 2 by DrakeDNAngel Mushroom Kingdom Hearts Screen shot 2 :icondrakednangel:DrakeDNAngel 0 8 Mushroom Kingdom Hearts Screen shot by DrakeDNAngel Mushroom Kingdom Hearts Screen shot :icondrakednangel:DrakeDNAngel 0 0 Kingdom Hearts GA Wonderland by DrakeDNAngel Kingdom Hearts GA Wonderland :icondrakednangel:DrakeDNAngel 1 4
Kingdom Hearts GA ep 5
Kingdom Hearts GA:
Ep.5 Olympus Coliseum
Elric VS. Strife Hades underworld: Itachi Revieled
Previously on kingdom hearts GA the Elric brothers broke their auto mail so they went back to there old work place Winry's workplace there wasn't much to do there so everyone explained there side of the story. "He wasn't there Naruto you idiot," Sasuke snickered. "Hey…" Naruto snapped. "C'mon guys knock it off let's just find the next gate that's opened okay?" Haru suggested. They found the next gate that was opened it was Olympus. "Olympus Coliseum, I remember this place this was when we first met Auron when I was still with Riku and Kairi man I miss them I hope there okay," Sora sighed softly.  Sora wined. Then Chip and Dale who where running the gummy ship. Grabbed onto Sora's face and pulled it back trying to make it look like he's smiling. "Hey! cut that out!" said Chip. "Yeah Sora you need to keep smiling." winked Donald. "Don't worry everything's gonna be fine," said Goofy.
:icondrakednangel:DrakeDNAngel 0 0
Kingdom Hearts GA Ep 4
Kingdom Hearts GA: Ep.4
Winry's Auto mail Repair Shop
Last time on KH GA Sora and the gang tried to go back to Naruto's home world however there world was cut off from the other worlds so they went to Radiant Garden to save Kairi. Even though the Disney Villains went there separate ways back to there own worlds Zero and his assistant Kallen stayed there keeping the Radiant Princess separated from Namine. Kallen used a device that separated Kairi and her nobody Namine to try to erase there Sora and that gangs memories. Although this worked with only Saskue but Riku came to save the day. Mean while Ed Al and everyone else chased after Kallen until they reached back were they started she got out her robot the Guren Phoenix and tried to pummel everyone with it however Ed made her robot weak by using Alchemy but then she destroyed his auto male and destroyed half of Al's armor. She battled the rave master until Naruto came with his giant toad and defeated the psycho chick
:icondrakednangel:DrakeDNAngel 0 3
Kingdom Hearts Ga EP 3
Kingdom Hearts GA:  Ep.3
The Radiant Garden's Princess
Kallen was walking down to were Kairi was being held captive. She was holding the laser that Zero gave her to separate Namine and Kairi. Kairi was imprisoned in Kairi's old bedroom she lived in when she was a little. Kallen entered without saying a word and walking towards her. "Wait what are you gonna do with me?" asked Kairi. "Don't talk just listen," Kallen snapped at her. "Zero wants your nobody and you better do what he says." She said pointing the laser at her.
Kallen used the laser on Kairi pulling out Namine right out of her. "STOP IT LEAVE NAMINE OUT OF THIS!" She screamed trying to fight it, but it was no use she dragged Namine right out of her. Kairi felt dizzy and tried to gain conciseness. "Namine come with me, Zero needs you," Said Kallen walking out of kairi's room. Kairi clenched her fists. She was able to summon the radiant garden key blade. "I SAId LEAVE HER ALONE!" Kairi cried out charging towards them.
:icondrakednangel:DrakeDNAngel 0 0
Kingdom Heart GA Title Cover by DrakeDNAngel Kingdom Heart GA Title Cover :icondrakednangel:DrakeDNAngel 14 2
Kingdom Hearts GA Ep 2
Kingdom Hearts GA: EP 2
A rave in Wonder land
By DrakeDNAngel
Mean while the treacherous Disney villains with their new leader by the name of Zero at Maleficent's old castle at radiant garden were examining the defeated heartless by Sora and crew.
Hades: "That little squirt took down that heartless just like he always does."  
Ursula: "We should've turned him into a heartless when we had a chance no thanks to that useless witch who left us.
Captain hook: "Oh I don't see neither of the king's lackey's do you? This may make things easier."   
"Don't be so cocky hook look how many more heroes that are guiding the key blade wielder now. If they put their strengths together they might destroy our entire organization and they found one of the rave stones we need to gather the rest of them fast." Said Zero.
Oogie Boogie: "That's right genius you don't want to get creamed by another alligator again do you?"  "Oh shut up, you big bag of bugs," Said captain hoo
:icondrakednangel:DrakeDNAngel 1 0
Kingdom Hearts GA Ep 1
Kingdom Hearts GA: Ep.1 Trouble at Traverse town.
By DrakeDN Angel
                                     This is a Kingdom hearts crossover featuring people from different animes such as FullMetal Alchemist, Rave Master, Naruto, and even code geass hope you enjoy! :) to know more about the plot just read this or look at the bottom for the description thanks for reading.
Long ago the world was united by the rave stones; people loved the rave stones and began fighting over them. Then darkness from the shadow stones found its way into people's hearts. The shadow stones consumed the hearts and light of the people and in a flash it spread… the world disappeared into darkness.
But a glimmer of light remained in the hearts of the rave stones and one brave warrior dark blonde hair and two key blades gathered
:icondrakednangel:DrakeDNAngel 3 7


Zoe (character sheet commission) by Precia-T Zoe (character sheet commission) :iconprecia-t:Precia-T 365 12 Fullmetal Kingdom, Disc 1 of 4 by 4xEyes1987 Fullmetal Kingdom, Disc 1 of 4 :icon4xeyes1987:4xEyes1987 28 1 Kingdom Judy by x-Usagi-Bomb-x Kingdom Judy :iconx-usagi-bomb-x:x-Usagi-Bomb-x 87 18 Destiny Trio by Oa-chi Destiny Trio :iconoa-chi:Oa-chi 193 10 Mario World by vildtiger Mario World :iconvildtiger:vildtiger 5 5 ''Mario+Luigi'' RPG Style: Link (Legend of Zelda) by Master-Rainbow ''Mario+Luigi'' RPG Style: Link (Legend of Zelda) :iconmaster-rainbow:Master-Rainbow 597 28 ''Mario+Luigi'' RPG Style: Samus Aran [Zero Suit] by Master-Rainbow ''Mario+Luigi'' RPG Style: Samus Aran [Zero Suit] :iconmaster-rainbow:Master-Rainbow 715 18 ''Mario+Luigi'' RPG Style: Mario [SSB4 Pose] by Master-Rainbow ''Mario+Luigi'' RPG Style: Mario [SSB4 Pose] :iconmaster-rainbow:Master-Rainbow 550 25 ''Mario+Luigi'' RPG Style: Lucina (Fire Emblem) by Master-Rainbow ''Mario+Luigi'' RPG Style: Lucina (Fire Emblem) :iconmaster-rainbow:Master-Rainbow 645 31 ''Mario+Luigi'' RPG Style: Fox McCloud by Master-Rainbow ''Mario+Luigi'' RPG Style: Fox McCloud :iconmaster-rainbow:Master-Rainbow 299 12 Commission kiss animation: Rintaro and Kurisu by starca Commission kiss animation: Rintaro and Kurisu :iconstarca:starca 170 36 Miraculous Nighfurry by eas123 Miraculous Nighfurry :iconeas123:eas123 46 2 Tony Stark is Iron Man by MicJacSmile Tony Stark is Iron Man :iconmicjacsmile:MicJacSmile 12 4 Commission: Deleteriousxeuphoria by MarcelaFreire Commission: Deleteriousxeuphoria :iconmarcelafreire:MarcelaFreire 82 6 The Light of All Worlds by spoonyliger The Light of All Worlds :iconspoonyliger:spoonyliger 147 15 Find your way by Rinnu500 Find your way :iconrinnu500:Rinnu500 60 5


Hey if Anyone out there watches AMVS I made a new one on the new Spongebob Movie coming out on Friday enjoy! The song it called Top Of the World sung by Greek Fire it's a song from the second Big Hero 6 trailer.…


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